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About Willow Insurance Group

After years of experience working for independent agencies, Willow Insurance Group was formed by Rebecca Barens in 2016. As a woman-owned business are in the process of being certified as Women’s Business Enterprise. Placing an emphasis on technology, we give our customers access to state of the art systems and resources. From creating their own certificates to writing a return to work program in minutes, clients enjoy a easy, smooth relationship. In partnership with Couri Insurance Associates, we serve clients of various sizes in a range of industries.

Every client has been acquired by referral not only because Willow Insurance has proven customer service, but also because we have historical success in lowering high workers' compensation experience mod numbers and reducing potential OSHA fines. With a reputation we are proud of, we targeting high risk industries such as staffing and manufacturing because we know we can assist you and your buisness.

After analyzing a potential client's risk, Willow Insurance looks at available coverages and together with the client makes educated decisions about their insurance needs. With over 70 carriers to choose from, competitive quotes are procured and a final decision is made. Although insurance can be confusing, the educational process of what you are paying for and why, will put your mind at ease.